Structural Steel Fabrication Plant PrJSC

«Ukrstal Dnipro»

“UKRSTAL DNIPRO” Structural Steel Fabrication Plant is a specialized enterprise for the fabrication of steel structures of any degree of complexity.
Over 85 years of work, the Plant established its reputation as a top-quality and reliable supplier of steel structures.

  • Provides full production cycle;
  • Employs advanced technologies in designing – Tekla Structures;
  • Is a part of the company “UKRSTALKONSTRUKTSIYA” PrJSC

Products of the Plant are duly certified. Personnel attestation and commercial qualification of personnel have been conducted in accordance with the requirements of AWS and ASME. Integrated quality management system ISO 9001:2015 is implemented at the Plant as well.

Reliability of operation of steel structures is determined by quality of welding works performed.

  • Steel structures are welded with the use of automatic and semi-automatic welding process in accordance with the Welding Procedure Specification (WPS);
  • All welding operators are accredited by the Committee for Welding Operators’ Certification of Ukraine with all supporting documents and certificates available;
  • We carry out a full set of tests according to the requirements and procedures set forth in the documents of nondestructive testing of welds (visual, ultrasonic, magnetic particle methods etc.) with involvement of the specialists attested by the “Ukrexpert” Association.
«Ukrstal Dnipro»

Reputation of top-quality and reliable supplier of steel structures with over 85 years of history



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