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Open Joint Stock Company "Dnepropetrovsk Steelwork Plant named after I.V.Babushkin" is one of the largest enterprises of former USSR in producing metal structures.
The history of the plant begins from the end of the 19-th century. There was a need of metal bridges in railway building industry. So a separate bridge workshop was opened at the base of Bryansk plant.
The Bridge shop was opened in 1890 at the plant named after Petrovskiy, where in 1894 the first bridges were produced.
By the year 1930 the bridge shop already gave near 25 thousand tones of product a year and it was separated in the independent plant of metal structuress in submission of Steelbridge Trust.
At the beginning of 30-ies the plant considerably expanded its fabrication floorspace as well as the modernization of production was carried out, which let the delivery of industrial design and bridges be increased to the ammount up to 40-45 thousand tons a year.

The basic technological process at the plant was riveting. The primary welding was used only at repairing works when producing low-duty products.
In 1940 the plant began preparing to construction of welded span of a big highway bridge across Dnieper river in Kyiv cooperatively with the Institute of Electric Welding named after Pathon using automatic submerger arc welding. The most honourable orders of the plant for the time being independent were the orders from Dneprostroy, Kuznetsk, Stalingrad and Kharkov tractor plants. After the Great World War II the plant manufactured more than 45 blast-furnace assemblages and 35 open-hearth furnace assemlages; 25 rolling mills, 15 chemical industries; 20 hydroelectric and thermal power stations, more than 50 towers and turrets for radio- and TV-centres 
Nowadays the plant produced more than 45 complete sets of blast furnace and 35 complete sets of open-hearth furnace; 25 roll-mills; 15 chemical industry enterprises; 20 hydraulic and thermal stations; more than 50 masts and towers and so on.
The plant produced more than 5 million tones of metal constructions when it was 70 years old.
During the years of its work the plant supplied more than 30 countries of the World with its production. 

Over the last 5 years the factory has made metal constructions bridges (the river Dnepr Zaporozhye, the bridge through an input in Harbour, the river Zapadnaya Dvina (Belarus), the river of Sozh (Belarus)), the Trading-entertaining centres ("Magellan" Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, "Caravan" Dnepropetrovsk), shopping centres ("Ashan" Makeyevka, "Vienna" Chernigov), metal constructionsobjects of welfare appointment (Kiev), ofisno-otelnyj a complex "Hilton" (Kiev), ангарный a complex at airport "Внуково" (Russia), a warehouse complex «Logistical park», metal constructionsstadium "Metallurgist" (Dnepropetrovsk), metal constructionsmasts and towers a body - of radio stations, cellular communication.

In manufacturing of metal constructions the carbon cast steel, low-alloyed steel and HSLA steel is used.
Our overhead cranes bearing power allows producing metal constructions that weight up to 50 tones a hollow unit, and if its length is more than 12 meters, than it may weight up to 70 tones.

Dnepropetrovsk Steelwork Plant named after I.V.Babushkin is the largest well-known enterprise in Ukraine, which specializes in producing unique large-size steelworks for different purpose.
Production of Dnepropetrovsk Steelwork Plant is employed profitably not only in Ukraine and CIS but in 30 countries of Europe as well.
Production of Dnepropetrovsk Steelwork Plant has the highest qualitative adjectives, which are achieved by means of quality supporting system.

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