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Open Joint Stock Company "Dnepropetrovsk Steelwork Plant named after I.V.Babushkin" produces metal constructions for civil and industrial building.

  • Steel constructions of industrial and civil building frames for objects of any industrial difficulty: metallurgical, chemical, military, mining industry:
    1. Columns & connecting by columns;
    2. Crane runway beams, secondary trusses;
    3. Rafter trusses, steel planks, communication lanterns;
    4. Intermediate bottoms, working platforms;
    5. Ladders, grounds, barriers etc.
  • Carcasses of heating furnaces for an iron and steel industry;
  • Constructions for blast and open-hearth furnaces;
  • Constructions of bridges and bridge transitions;
  • Constructions of pipes of various diameter;
  • Carcasses of furnaces;
  • Storage bins, silos, tanks, gas mains, penstock pipes, dust collectors, heaters;
  • Constructions for walking excavators;
  • Towers and masts for any purpose: TV, radio, water towers, transmission towers etc.;
  • Tunnels and elevated roads;
  • Decking for automobile and railway bridges;
  • Auto crane's arrows;
  • Single girder cranes;
  • Water towers cantilevering 15, 25, 50 m3;
  • Pipes of diameter larger than 630 mm;
  • H-beams of any size;
  • Constructions on individual offer.

At manufacturing steelworks the plant uses rolled metal, welding and paintwork material produced in Ukraine and other countries.
Production of Open Joint Stock Company "DSP named I.V.Babushkin" is certificated under standards "UKRSEPRO", precertified work on certificate reception on system ISO 9 001:2000, and also in October 2009 year is conducted. The international certificate in system SLV from companies DVS ZERT (Germany) confirming quality of welding technologies of our enterprise will be received.
Production of Open Joint Stock Company «Dnepropetrovsk Steelwork Plant named after I.V.Babushkin » is certificated under standards "UKRSEPRO", but for today to be spent job on reception of the certificate on ISO 9000.

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Other detailed nomenclature. Watch here >>
Tubes of greater diameter. Watch here >>
Other complex production. Watch here >>
Capacitor production. Watch here >>
Steelworks of skeletons for industrial and civil buildings. Watch here >>
Designs of bridges and bridge transitions. Watch here >>
Welded double T-beams. Watch here >>

Production on branches.
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Metal designs of skeletons of industrial and civil buildings of objects of any complexity of the industry: metallurgical, chemical, defensive, mining. Watch here >>
Unique, entertainment and civil constructions.
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Objects made for Dnepropetrovsk.
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